Integrating Cameras with Smart Home Systems

The evolution of home security is a testament to the advancements in smart home technology. Today, traditional security tools like cameras are being seamlessly integrated with modern smart devices, enhancing safety and convenience.

Setting Up Audio/Video In Your Office?

There are so many possibilities when it comes to sprucing up your office’s audio/video. After all, you probably spend a large portion of your waking hours in your office.

How Do Distributed Audio Systems Work?

Distributed Audio Systems, also referred to as Whole House Audio, is a system that allows for the playback of music throughout an entire home or even an entire office building. These systems come in several different configurations.

What Are Distributed Video Systems?

We like options.  We like choices.  And that applies not just to the many flavors of ice cream available at the typical ice cream parlor, but to how we handle our home entertainment systems.

Audio Calibration: What Does It Mean?

Great sound can only be had in an optimal way when all of the component parts are working together to produce sound as it was intended to be heard.  This doesn’t happen by chance.  It happens by design.  Sound design.

Video Calibration: What Does It Mean?

Every TV is susceptible to some level of color drift, these minute changes in picture sharpness.  The remedy for such changes in sharpness is calibration — or, some would argue, re-calibration.

Are You Getting Proper Audio/Video In Your Home?

Just as every home is slightly different, every audio-video need is slightly different. The following are some of the considerations to account for in order to set up the properly configured audio/video in your home.

A Note on Surround Sound Systems

There are a lot of ways to spruce up your home these days: granite counter tops in the kitchen; a patio cover; a deck; a sunken tub with jets.

Advantages of Sound Bars

So you’ve purchased a new flat-screen, hi-end TV and have had it mounted beautifully on your wall. Great! Then you turn the thing on, and sit back in your plush sofa to watch a movie or a football game.

High Definition TV: What Does It Mean?

Living in a culture that seems to prefer initials over actual words, we usually see this concept written as HD, as in HDTV for High Definition TV. So what is meant by High-Definition, or Hi-Def for short?

4K TV: What Does It Mean?

A common question I hear has to do with the concept of “4K TV” — what is it? Simple. 4K refers to 4000, and that number is in reference to the resolution of your television set.

Building an atmosphere in your restaurant

Atmosphere in a restaurant is one of the most important factors that brings repeat customers. The food can be great and the service could be great, but if the atmosphere is not great, your customer will notice.

Is it time for an 8K TV?

Have you heard of 8K TVs? Some time in recent history, the television industry came out with 4K TVs. 4K the TV has having nearly 4000 pixels horizontally, which means a higher resolution and a crisper image.

Should you get a 4KTV this Black Friday?

4KTVs have been out for a while now, but for a while there they were pretty expensive. It was hard to find 4KTVs on the market without running into $1,000 price tags that aren’t necessarily in everyone’s budget.

4 Great Home Theater Ideas for Small Rooms

Creating your ideal home theater can be difficult to do depending on the space you’re working with. Of course everyone wants their home theater to be much larger, but not everyone has the luxury.

Are Curved TVs better than Flat Screen TVs?

Curved TVs have been out for a while now, but what is the appeal, and how does it stand up to a regular HDTV when it comes to your living room? Like all things, there are pros and cons.

Should you get a 4K projector for your home theater?

If you are looking for the optimal home theater experience a 4K projector is the best way to achieve that. It is important however to make sure you are prepared for a 4K projector to be installed in your Living Room.

Dummy Cameras vs. Security Cameras

Studies show that most burglars will avoid houses that appear to have security installed. Installing Dummy Cameras is a very popular low budget method of preventing robberies.

Why hire someone to install surround sound in your home?

For many, surround sound speakers really complete the home theater experience, being able to hear movies and TV from every direction adds a whole new level of depth and immersion to the home theater experience, and makes your home theate

Why Hire an AV Expert?

Doing everything yourself might seem attractive, especially with something like setting up your own home theater, but there might be more to it than you originally considered.

Why invest in a 3DTV?

When it comes to 3DTVs the market is very divided. On one hand it’s considered very new and very valuable technology. More and more movies, TV shows, and video games are becoming 3D compatible by the day.

RTI T2X Universal Remote Controls

The T2X is a truly state-of-the-art universal remote control made by the trusted brand RTI and if you want comfort, control, versatility, and quality, you want the RTI T2X Univeral Remote.

How to turn your TV into a monitor with HDMI

Any TV can become a computer monitor cheaply and easily. All you need is the right cables, a laptop or desktop computer, and the desire to use your computer on a crisp, large screen HDTV instead of some little monitor.

3 Reasons to Get a New Home Theater

You are definitely going to get a lot of good times out of your new home theater, but you’re not the only person that a new TV in the living room is benefiting.

3 Reasons You Should Consider Home Automation

There are a lot of reasons to automate your home using Universal Remotes, but perhaps the most important, and over-looked reasons are very simple but somehow ignored by many home-owners who would benefit from it.

Should you Install a Wall Mounted TV

When it comes to mounting your TV onto a wall, it’s not hard to overlook the benefits and see the process as purely aesthetic, but in reality, it is probably the most practical improvement you can make on your home theater.

Why Get Yamaha Zone 2 Receivers?

A multi-zone receiver is a very multipurpose device that allows you to allocate multiple speakers in multiple rooms all controlled from the same device, converting your 7.1

RTI Universal Remotes — Worth It?

RTI remotes are made by Remote Technologies Inc. and can be utilized for audio, video, lighting needs, and more. They do not sell directly to the public, so their products must be purchased through a licensed distributor.

Super Bowl Sunday

Super Bowl Sunday marks the year’s biggest television event!

This year, many Americans will be entertaining friends, family, and coworkers with a Super Bowl Sunday party in front of their HDTV’s.

Choosing the Right HDTV Size for Your Location

Now that you’ve chosen the right HDTV screen type for yourself, one question you might be asking is, “What size TV should I get?” Some things to consider when determining what HDTV size to purchase are budget, room size, and seating area