How to turn your TV into a monitor with HDMI

How to use your big screen TV as a computer monitor

Any TV can become a computer monitor cheaply and easily. All you need is the right cables, a laptop or desktop computer, and the desire to use your computer on a crisp, large screen HDTV instead of some little monitor.

If your computer is an HDMI computer

If you got your computer any time in the last couple of years, you are pretty much guaranteed to have an HDMI compatible computer.

For this plug you will need an HDMI cable which you can get for under $15 at Ross or most marketplaces. (it will be more expensive at specialty stores such as Best Buy)

Simply plug in the HDMI cable into the port and into the HDTV and viola! You’re good to go, and you can now browse the internet, watch youtube, play games or anything else you do on your computer in high definition in your living room.

If your computer is not HDMI compatible

If your computer is not compatible with an HDMI cable and does not have an HDMI plug available, plugging in your computer will be slightly more difficult. What you will need is an HDMI to RGB cable converter. These will likely be more readily available at any electronics store, but if not, you can always just order one online. They are relatively cheap and do the job just fine.

Once you have the converter, just follow the instructions above for “If your computer is an HDMI computer” and it should work just fine.

Using your big screen HDMI TV as a dual monitor

Once you have your computer set up on your computer, you may want to consider turning it into a dual monitor instead of simply browsing on one screen. This is possible of you are using a laptop and would like the ability to multitask more easily.

All you need to do is right-click on your desktop and go to “Screen Resolution”

There should be a drop-down option for “Multiple Displays”

More than likely the drop-down will say “Duplicate these displays”. What you want to do is switch this option to “Extend these displays”

Press apply and you may notice that one screen appears blank while the other has your desktop on it. This means you did it right. Try moving your mouse off of one screen to the right or the left and you will notice that your mouse will show up on the other screen.

Now try opening your web browser, click the top bar of the window, and drag it over to your big-screen HDTV. you now have your main desktop on one monitor, and the internet on the other. Enjoy your new multitasking abilities

If you have or want to use surround sound speakers on your new setup

Using external speakers from the TV may be difficult if you are using your HDTV as a monitor. If you want to use surround sound speakers give us a call at (661) 309-2508 and we will get you set up!