Should you Install a Wall Mounted TV

Why should you mount your TV?

When it comes to mounting your TV onto a wall, it’s not hard to overlook the benefits and see the process as purely aesthetic, but in reality, it is probably the most practical improvement you can make on your home theater.

A Wall Mounted TV creates space

Not only does mounting your TV to the wall and hiding all the wires and components leave your living room looking clean and comfortable, but it also frees up a lot of space by eliminating the need for a TV stand to hold your TV. That means one less piece of furniture cluttering up your business, leaving more room to put anything else you might need.

Wall Mounted TVs free clutter

While it is possible to hide the wires of a TV on a stand, installing and mounting your TV set on the wall allows those wires to be completely hidden away, going through the walls of your house instead of left dangling behind the TV stand. This eliminates an immediate eyesore and the possibility of tripping on wires, causing damage to the TV and possibly even children or pets.

It’s cheaper than purchasing a Wall Unit

It might seem pricey to get your wall-mounted, but it’s cheaper than the price tag of a decent wall unit, and with how much space and money you’re saving, installing your TV on the wall is well worth the effort and price of getting it professionally installed.

Why you should get it installed professionally

While it seems appealing to pull out a do-it-yourself manual and put your TV up on the wall to save money, it’s not worth the risk of causing harm to your customers and your expensive TV.

If the wall-mounted TV is installed wrong and a mistake was made ( I.E. if the TV is too large for the mount, or if it was not secured properly, etc..) that can be a hazard not only to your TV but to customers and property that it may fall on. If you have a big screen for your entertainment center they can run-heavy, and if your wall-mounted TV falls on you or someone else, that’s not only going to hurt, but it’s going to be a liability.

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