Moving the Movie Theater in Your Home

Avoid long lines and crowds by bringing the movie theater into the comforts and privacy of your own home.

In-home theaters are a newer expansion in home improvement, perfect for entertaining family, friends, and guests!

Now, with larger-than-life HDTV displays, and surround-sound speaker systems, you can enjoy the “movie theater experience” at home.

Extra rooms, bars, and dens can be beautifully transformed into at-home movie theaters. These “theaters” are even popping up in people’s backyards and outdoor fire pit areas!

Creating Your Personal Theater ExperienceWhat You Will Need

To enjoy your home theater movie experience to the fullest, it is recommended that you install

  • HDTV 27″ or larger for a full, clear picture
  • Surround-sound audio speakers (recommended at least 4)
  • Surround-sound signal splitters
  • DVR/Blu-Ray Player

Other Things to Consider

When choosing a room to house your indoor theater, select a room that’s enclosed—these types of rooms are better for acoustics than rooms with too much open space. Also, make sure your theater room is carpeted—this will absorb background sounds (such as people walking, etc.) as opposed to wooden floors that will only amplify unwanted sound.

Consider investing in industry-standard THX-certified audio equipment, for a premium audio experience.

Make sure your surround-sound speakers are evenly placed, all around the same height. Usually, this will be three in front of you (left, center, right), and either to the side of or behind your viewing area.

Calibrate your HDTV contrast and color settings, as well as the sound settings on your speakers.

Invest in lighting with a dimmer to avoid screen glare. You can even have automatic light dimmers set up to go off when you begin playing your movie.

After your home theater is complete, you’ll wonder why you ever stepped out of your home for a movie.