Why You Shouldn’t Try Cutting Corners With Cheap Cables

HDTV Cables Explained

Do not use standard definition cables with a high definition display. Your video may work, but the cables will only support standard definition, and not HD. This means you shouldn’t use composite cables or s-video cables.

HDTV cables can be in both analog and digital format. Usually, this will be either a video component, or RGB cable.

Why You Shouldn’t Try Cutting Corners With Cheap Cables

When you are purchasing analog HDTV cables, make sure that they are sweep-tested. You will want something tested to be at 75 ohms, within the smallest margin possible. 

Avoid buying cables that are not labeled as sweep-tested. If you purchase cables that are not tested, you run the risk of investing in a cable that may produce poor image and sound quality.

Digital HDTV cables are SDI, HDMI, and DVI. However, most people purchase HDMI or DVI cables. HDMI and DVI cables are meant for lengths ranging from 10-50 feet. Because these cables work better at shorter distances, invest in a higher quality cable if you need to cover a distance over 10 feet.

Look for cables that are plated in gold or nickel—this will help prevent corrosion. Also, after hooking up your cables, make sure that they fit securely, and are not loose.

Some cables’ internal wires are braided. Look for something with a copper braid with coverage of 95% or higher. Cheaper cables are made of nickel, and only provide low coverage.

When purchasing audio cables, look for something that uses an OFC (Oxygen-Free Copper) conductor. This will help transmit signals more accurately. Audio cables that include dual-shielding will protect the sound from RFI and EMI, resulting in clearer, more accurate sound. Finally, make sure your cables offer continual high pressure contact with the component jacks. As with video cables, choose something that is gold-plated to avoid contact corrosion and result in better transfer of signals.

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