LG 84” 4K Ultra High Definition TV — Now Available at Exclusive Installation

LG’s newest innovation, the LG 84” 4K Ultra High Definition TV (lg 84lm9600) has just recently arrived on the market within the past couple of months, and it’s selling out fast!

Because of high demand, this brand new, top-of-the-line Ultra HDTV can be hard to get a hold of.

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One of the benefits of this product is that it introduces UHDTV (Ultra High Definition TV 3840×2160) offering 4x the resolution of standard HDTV. UHDTV allows for a more vibrant, detailed, and crisp image quality, allowing the viewer to feel “part” of the cinematic UHDTV experience. At 84 inches, you could fit 4 standard 42” 1080p HDTV’s inside of this giant. Even inches away from its screen, pixels are hardly detectable.


This product allows for watching UHDTV in 3D. This UHDTV uses battery-free 3D viewing glasses. LG’s 3D products use trademarked TruMotion 240Hz technology to offer a viewing experience reducing motion blur to a minimum.

LG’s 3D Magic Remote can turn your favorite 2D sports programming and movies into 3D with the push of a button.


The LG 84lm9600 features 50W audio, 2.2 sound, and two subwoofers. Created for your home theater, this powerful UHDTV is sure to rival even commercial theaters.

This UHDTV uses Intelligent Sensor to automatically adapt to changing light throughout the day. Additionally, it contains energy-saving features to save you money.

How to Order

Don’t miss out on your chance to purchase the LG 84” 4K Ultra High Definition TV  (LG 84LM9600)—Exclusive Installation is offering this product for $16,990 which retails at $20,000.

Exclusive Installation has this product in stock and ready to ship, offering a special delivery and installation package for only $49.

To order, call Exclusive Installation at (661) 309-2508.