Is it time for an 8K TV?

Is it time to upgrade to an 8K TV?

Have you heard of 8K TVs? Some time in recent history, the television industry came out with 4K TVs. 4K the TV has having nearly 4000 pixels horizontally, which means a higher resolution and a crisper image. The difference is very noticeable between 4K and regular HD.

When 4K TVs first came out, there was only so much content that was compatible with it. A few channels and shows were filmed in 4K allowing them to be viewed to the fullest extent, and 4K TVs were pretty expensive at the time. Now they are significantly more affordable, and 4K content is relatively plentiful.

But now, TV companies like Samsung are trying to push 8K TVs. What that means is that the resolution is about double that of the 4K TVs, allowing for stunning and impressive visuals that surpass 4K

But should you get the newest best tech? Or wait a bit before investing?

Well, 8K may be a lot higher resolution, but for now, there isn’t a whole lot to watch or do on an 8K Television, because nobody has quite adopted the technology yet in the TV industry. A few years from now, once it has become more mainstream it will be a lot cheaper and easier to find content to watch in 8K, until then, it would be best to stick to your beautiful, content-filled 4K experience!