Can SCV Audio Video Help You With Your Conference Room Video?

Conference rooms are unique.  

They are different from virtually every other kind of room within a corporate office.  And thus, they demand a very specialized treatment by an experience practitioner.  Here are some of the areas one should keep in mind when it comes to upgrading an existing conference room video setup or launching a brand new conference room.

Certainly some of the obvious basics include the overall dimensions of the room itself, the type and shape of the main conference table, the number and type of chairs that will be housed therein, and whether there will be other accouterments such as book cases, white boards, cabinets, credenzas, etc.

In addition, there are a whole host of audio video considerations one must keep in mind.  Here is where you will turn to the services of an audio video specialist to get it right.  

Here are some of those critical elements:

Projectors or Flat Screens.  

You need to consider how your video element will be displayed.  Flat Screens are usually brighter than what you get from projectors, but projectors usually display a larger image.  There are also occasions where it makes sense to have more than one Flat Screen in the same conference room.

Speakers and Microphones.  

These two elements make up the core of your audio needs.  And it’s very important not to give short-shrift to these elements, or to cut corners.  The last thing you want to have happen during an important conference call is to have people constantly asking you to have what was said repeated.  Thus, both the mics and the speakers have to be set up properly.  The physical contours of the room, the ambient or extraneous noise, the acoustics, all must be taken into account.  The microphones must be such that they can pick up the voice of everyone in the room, so that a hand-held mic doesn’t need to be passed around from person to person.  Also, the placement of mics and speakers have to be given special attention so that feedback is not encountered.


People who attend such meetings or events in a conference room may need to get connected, using their laptops or some other device.  It’s one thing to have a strong WiFi signal; but there are times that a direct connection to a mainframe or an intranet may require the proper portals.

All of these considerations can be addressed intelligently and effortlessly.  Put it in our hands.  We’re just a phone call away: (661) 309-2508.