Are You Getting Proper Audio/Video In Your Home?

Just as every home is slightly different, every audio-video need is slightly different. The following are some of the considerations to account for in order to set up the properly configured audio/video in your home.

Type of receiver. There are two main types: stereo and A/V. Stereo is probably familiar to you. Think two separate speaker channels operating at the same time. These work wonderfully for smaller rooms like dens, smaller bedrooms, and the like. A/V receivers are the nerve center of a home theater, and they are meant to provide surround sound, which is fuller than stereo.

Type of speakers. Your speakers need to be compatible with your receiver. Various factors, such as speaker sensitivity, bandwidth, and impedance all coalesce to produce a speaker that either sounds perfect, or sounds strained.

Distribution: This is about having sound channeled into various rooms within your home.  In fact, one fantastic element of distribution involves your backyard!  You can not only have sound fed into whatever rooms you want inside your home, but you can also feed sound outside, which is great if you do much in the way of entertaining in your backyard.

Surround Sound Configurations.  Not all surround sound set ups sound the same. There are a host of factors to consider: object-based sound, matrix, ProLogic, speaker placement, compression, storage space, and low-frequency effects, are just some of the elements that one needs to account for.  If all of that sounds hopelessly confusing, not to worry.  A quick call to (661) 309-2508 will enable us to handle the complexity and provide you with a beautiful outcome.

Let us spare you the headache of having to go to a bunch of retail stores to test-drive a bunch of systems.  We can provide you with a sound that you will be delighted with, and get you up and running quickly. Call us right now at (661) 309-2508.