Can SCV Audio Video Help You With Your Bar Business?

So you own a bar/business and you want to keep your clientele happy.  We can help you with that.  Here are some ideas.


If you currently have multiple remotes, there is a good chance that your hired staff is going to have trouble keeping straight in their minds which remote is connected to a given component.  In fact, I was in a Mexican Restaurant recently that had a prominent bar and a wonderful buffet.  While I was sitting there in my booth, watching a football game on one of the TV monitors, I noticed a message came on the screen indicating that the TV was going to “time out” in 30 seconds.  And the countdown went from 30 to 0, shutting off the monitor.  I couldn’t watch the game.  I asked 3 different servers to restart that monitor.  Not one of them new how to find the correct remote to reboot it.  Very frustrating!  But what if there was one single tablet (like an iPad) that had very clear, unambiguous buttons on it that showed exactly which monitor was going to be addressed?  It wouldn’t have been a problem at all for that staff.  The game would have come back on right away.  Also, remotes are easier to lose or go missing than a tablet.    SCV Audio Video specializes in programming your tablet to function in place of all of your existing remotes.


We can provide the clearest, most pristine sounding speakers in your establishment, and you won’t see a cluttered bundle of cables.  The bars and restaurants we have outfitted produce immaculate sound.  Customers often comment on the sonorous clarity of the music they hear playing in such establishments.  We had a situation a few months ago involving a restaurant I was having dinner at.  The owner and I got to talking, and I saw that his sound system not only had a bunch of exposed cables that was a real eye-sore.  Not only that but his speakers sounded somewhat fuzzy, as if there was interference or some distortion taking place.  Not good!  After letting him know what his options were, he hired us, and within a day we had transformed his restaurant and bar with audio that was far and away better than what he formerly imposed on his customers.  He is still thanking us to this day!


Many bars attract customers that wish to watch sporting events on the big screen. Whether it’s boxing or soccer, football or the Olympics, lots of people see the fun conversations and the wings and drinks as complemented greatly when they can also glance up at the big screen and watch some sporting event.  But many bars don’t give a lot of thought to placement or angles or sound or the size of the TV monitors.  They end up short-changing themselves because a given booth may not have good visual access to the TV screen.  We at SCV Audio Video understand the complexities of setting up a bar with a visual configuration that will thrill your customers, and have them think of your establishment first when considering who to patronize.  

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