Is it time for a new Home Theater System?

When should I get a new home theater?

Sometimes updating to a new home theater system to keep current with the times might seem exhausting. With all this new technology constantly growing and advancing every year, it almost seems like you’re better off waiting for next year to get the latest and greatest entertainment center for your living room. But technology jumps every year, so how do you know when it’s finally time? There are a few questions you might want to ask yourself.

How old is your current TV system?

If your TV system is more than 3 years old, you might want to consider getting a new TV. Every year the latest and greatest TV systems improve drastically, which means by about 3 years, unless you invested more than $1500 in your home theater, chances are your TV is practically obsoleted by the new ones that came out just last year in both price and ability.

Are there better options, for less money than I spent for my current Home Theater System?

If your TV Set is over 3 years old, chances are there are plenty of pretty cheap options that are significantly better than the setup you have now, which means if you don’t want to worry about keeping up with the latest and greatest, you can still upgrade at a price that won’t empty your pockets.

Is my current TV set still worth anything?

This is something to consider because TV systems degrade in value very fast. If your TV set is less than two years old, there’s a chance that it might still be worth something, and if so, you could easily sell it to greatly supplement the cost of an upgrade.

What am I waiting for?

If you haven’t upgraded your TV in a while, why haven’t you? If you or your family members frequently watch TV, your whole family and friends can benefit from a nice upgrade. If you haven’t been watching much TV lately, you should consider that you can do more than just watch TV with a new home theater. You can listen to music, hook up your laptop or computer and have a giant monitor, or create a setup where you control the entire house from one room.