3 Useful Apps to Control your Home Theater

The advent of smart phones gives you more control than ever before

The phrase “There’s an app for that” has become a trademark for the solutions to problems that smart phones create for almost everything imaginable. In this current age there’s an application for just about everything, from solving math problems, to curing boredom, to taking control of an aspect of your life.

Here at Exclusive Installation, we’re most interested in giving you control of your Home Entertainment system, so we’ve compiled a list of 4 useful apps that let you do just that.

1. Control your TIVO with the DVR Remote for TIVO

If you have a home entertainment system that you care about, chances are you have a TIVO to make sure that you can record your favorite shows and watch them on your own time, but for a typical home theater an extra component means an extra remote that you have to sift through every time you want to change the channel on your TV right?
Not if you have a smart phone
With the iOS and Android TiVo app you can take control of your TiVo using the Smart Phone you carry with you in your pocket. That means one more remote control you can store away, leaving less clutter in your living room and easier access to your Home Entertainment System.

2. Take control of your entire house with the Crestron Mobile App

If you plan on taking control of your home theater, why stop there? This nifty app controls your entire household from the click of a touch screen. From playing your iPod’s or Android’s music on your surround sound speaker system, to turning up and down the AC, this app gives you more control than any old TV remote ever could.
Moreover it’s free to download from your Android or iPhone app store.

3. The Control4 My House App

The Control4 My House App is another way to control your entire household. Dim the lights, send your music to the sound system and impress your guests with an atmosphere created entirely by your smart phone.

With all of these apps you can take control of every aspect of technology in your house and more importantly, trash those pesky remotes cluttering the perfectly set up atmosphere created by Exclusive Installations professionals. Finally, a seamless way to control your home theater.