Building an atmosphere in your restaurant

Building a good atmosphere

Atmosphere in a restaurant is one of the most important factors that brings repeat customers. The food can be great and the service could be great, but if the atmosphere is not great, your customer will notice. The feeling a place gives away, whether consciously or subconsciously is what a customer will remember when they are thinking about whether or not they want to return for a meal.

Atmosphere can be built in several ways, and depending on your brand you will want to consider the best atmosphere for you. For example, if you are a sports bar, you want dark lighting, plenty of good seating, a well lit bar in contrast to your otherwise dark and dynamic restaurant, and then of course, plenty of good 4K TVs to make sure there is a good view of the TV no matter where you’re sitting in the restaurant. But especially in the bar area where you want your customer to gravitate, you want 4K TVs lining the top to draw attention immediately to the bar, because that is where the action is.

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