LED Video Wall Display

demo of a micro LED video wall
Stunning Experiences with Micro LED Technology

LED Video Walls are more familiar than most realize. Ever been to an outdoor sporting event? That screen you watch the play-by-play on is LED technology. Another notable example are the video walls installed on buildings in Times Square. In recent years, the LED video wall display has generated growing popularity and interest after productions such as The Mandalorian have debuted. For a truly immersive visual experience, these displays can be brought to indoor environments through modular microLED installations.

Video Wall Backgrounds

Video walls have most notably been used for realistic backgrounds as mentioned above. However, they have started to be used for many other uses as well such as backgrounds for bands, video backgrounds for churches, and filming backgrounds.

For Business

In competitive environments that only continue to see more competition, businesses are getting increasingly creative in the content they create. Coming across something unique is rare these days. To deliver a unique and heightened experience to your audience, utilize these LED displays and illuminate the value of your brand.

For Luxury Living

Make every visual stunning and awe-inspiring. The ways we express ourselves in our homes are personal and sometimes grand, now you’ve found your stage for doing so. Bring innovation and unlimited creativity to your home entertainment.

micro led technology for video wall display
Incredible Technology for High Value Solutions

SCV Audio Video is proud to add LED video wall displays to our list of expertise. This technology is having a growing impact on businesses, entertainment/production, and luxury residential trends. In 2020 SCV Audio Video completed a large-scale LED Video Wall for a client with the objective to start filming productions. If you are interested in this luxury installation for your home or business, contact us directly to discuss the details and pricing.

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