Super Bowl Sunday

Super Bowl Sunday marks the year’s biggest television event!

This year, many Americans will be entertaining friends, family, and coworkers with a Super Bowl Sunday party in front of their HDTV’s.

Are you ready for Super Bowl Sunday?

If your answer is “no,” consider purchasing an HDTV for the year’s upcoming hottest video event! Many retailers even offer special discounts for people looking to purchase new HDTV’s during this time of year.

SCV Audio Video can get you ready for this big event with an installation package.

Don’t worry about the mess, your home theater will be Super Bowl ready with complimentary removal of your old TV with the installation.

If you have been thinking of setting up a home theater room inside of your house, now is the season to get started. SCV Audio Video can set yours up with our Exclusive Package, including HDTV mounting, free HDMI cable, video component hookup, and professional concealment of chords.

SCV Audio Video can even install HDTV and audio equipment in your deck, patio, or backyard—so you can bring your game with you, to the BBQ!

Need a bigger HDTV for the Game?

Upgrade your home theater HDTV with a larger screen, and have your old HDTV moved into your bedroom, office, or workout space!

Already have an HDTV installed?

SCV Audio Video offers lighting and audio setup! Upgrade your Super Bowl viewing experience with enhanced audio & lighting settings!

Whether you are a seasoned Super Bowl pro, or viewing this event for the first time in HD, SCV Audio Video will help maximize your home theater viewing experience!