Distributed Audio

distributed audio speaker
Exceptional Audio Wherever You Are

Wouldn’t you love to hear your music play as you walk from the kitchen to the bedroom? With distributed audio systems you can! What’s the difference between playing sound through a set of speakers versus a distributed audio system though? Distributed audio is a system that utilizes many speakers and feeds audio to all of them, often in multiple zones or rooms. Typical speaker systems use just a single or couple of speakers to play audio in one room. A distributed audio system brings your listening experience beyond a single room and connects everything in one place. The systems available today can stream audio from a variety of sources including

  • Bluetooth streaming
  • Cable TV and Blu-ray players(combined with a distributed video system)
  • Satellite radio
  • AM/FM radio
outdoor distributed audio
Custom Tailored to Transform Your Experience

Distributed audio systems transform a home but are also essential to the atmosphere in restaurants, bars, offices, and churches. Guests will have a consistent and entertaining experience wherever they are, whether they are chatting with a friend on the patio or touring an office space with a prospective business partner. An added perk of getting a custom system is that the equipment can be chosen and installed to have minimal impact on the visual aesthetics of the space. SCV Audio Video’s team is experienced in fitting a variety of spaces with custom distributed audio systems that add to the experience, rather than distract.

Elegant Speakers and Audio Systems

Streamline your system and rid the room of excess clutter with a professionally installed distributed audio system from SCV Audio Video. Our team of professionals will identify and design the most effective placement for the speakers, while all the equipment you need can be programmed with a single remote or wall panel.

Audio Equipment That Won't Distract

Your audio system may include one or a combination of options such as

  • Multi-Room Speaker System
  • Wireless Distributed Audio System
  • Hybrid Distributed Audio System
  • Wired Distributed Audio System

Whatever your need, we can create a beautiful customized solution that enhances your space.


Choose SCV Audio Video for Professional Installation

SCV Audio Video provides a range of services for distributed audio, with complete customization and home automation capabilities available. When you choose SCV Audio Video for your distributed audio project, you are guaranteed a professional experience from consult to install and clean up. Get in touch with us today to discuss your audio needs and how we can bring your vision to life!