How Do Distributed Audio Systems Work?

Distributed Audio Systems, also referred to as Whole House Audio, is a system that allows for the playback of music throughout an entire home or even an entire office building.  These systems come in several different configurations.

For instance, sometimes you have the same music being fed through then entire home or building.  Every room is hearing the same music at the same time.  Tech Geeks refer to this structure as Single Source, Single Zone.

Another option is to have the sound levels set to different volumes for the various rooms.  This can be helpful because often times a very large room like a living room or family room can benefit from more volume than a guest bathroom or a den.  The geeks refer to this configuration as Single Source, Multiple Zone.

For a highly sophisticated approach, which the Tech Geeks call Multiple Source, Multiple Zone, you can actually have different audio sources in different rooms, enabling each room occupant to select the music they wish to listen to, adjust the volume the way they desire, and on occasion even impact the tone (treble and bass) in a given room.

Many home owners who enjoy entertaining outdoors can include speakers near their pool, fire pit, or garden and the speakers themselves can be disguised to look like part of the landscaping, by resembling rocks or by being hidden in shrubs, etc.

The people who have set up Distributed Audio Systems have never regretted doing so.  Having a Distributed Audio System in your home may well be the next step in improving the quality of your home life.  Give us a call at (661) 309-2508 to see what your options are for your home or office.