What Are Distributed Video Systems?

We like options.  We like choices.  And that applies not just to the many flavors of ice cream available at the typical ice cream parlor, but to how we handle our home entertainment systems.

In the beginning, we were brought up thinking that there was one TV per household.  All shows had to be watched from that TV set.

Then we found we could afford more than one TV set in the house, and while the parents watched the football game, the children could be entertained with cartoons in the next room.

But with Distributed Video Systems, you can be watching one TV show in the family room, and then pause it, relocate to the master bedroom, and un-pause it to continue watching.  Distributed Video Systems allows you to do just that by integrating your TV experience throughout your home.   In fact, you can route any video source anywhere you have a monitor, whether it’s a Blu-Ray, an Apple TV, a digital cable box, a home media server, you name it.

And lest you fear the unsightly tangled mess of cables going every which way, forget it.  You won’t see a massive pile of cables anywhere.  The cables, to whatever degree they are used, will be neatly tucked away and out of sight.

And you’ll have one interface to control everything throughout your home.  No longer will you have to sort through a pile of remote controls.  It’s really hassle-free.  Give us a call at (661) 309-2508 and let us show you what’s possible.