Should you get a 4KTV this Black Friday?

Is it time to invest in a 4KTV?

4KTVs have been out for a while now, but for a while there they were pretty expensive. It was hard to find 4KTVs on the market without running into $1,000 price tags that aren’t necessarily in everyone’s budget.

With Black Friday coming up, even the most frugal of shoppers are now looking at some great deals on upgrades to your home theater, and unlike in previous years, 4K is now the standard. 4K monitors and TVs are all around us, and content is plentiful.

So is this the year to get a 4KTV? Well if you take a look at the prices of some of these deals this Black Friday, you’re looking at price tags as low as $250, so if you were on the fence before let this be the year you get a new 4KTV.

You may have even heard of 8KTVs recently, but you might want to hold off a bit.

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