Dummy Cameras vs. Security Cameras

What are the benefits of having a Dummy Camera

Dummy Cameras are fake security cameras installed primarily as a deterrent to burglars.

Pros: They are cheap, and somewhat effective

Studies show that most burglars will avoid houses that appear to have security installed. Installing Dummy Cameras is a very popular low budget method of preventing robberies.

Cons: If a burglar decides to rob you, they don’t provide protection

If a criminal is savvy enough they may recognize a dummy camera as fake, and the down side to a dummy camera is that if a criminal does decide to break into your house they will not protect you. Without a record of the burglary to show to the police, you are much less likely to get your stolen goods back without a proper security system in place. If you live in an area with a high crime or burglary rate, this may not be the method of deterrence for you.

What are the benefits of having a Security Camera

Pros: Security Cameras are almost guaranteed to defend you from attacks on your home.

Unlike Dummy Cameras, Security Cameras will protect you not only from potential burglars, but if someone does decide to break into your home, you will have evidence of them and be significantly more likely to catch them. Some security will even call the police for you in suspicious situations, or inform you via phone when someone strange has entered your house.Having a security camera or security system installed is the best way to protect yourself, your family and your home.

Cons: Security Cameras are expensive

While Security Cameras are effective, they are also expensive and may require heavy investments in installation, monitoring services, and the unit itself. This may not be the best option for someone on a budget.