Setting Up Audio/Video In Your Office?

There are so many possibilities when it comes to sprucing up your office’s audio/video. After all, you probably spend a large portion of your waking hours in your office. Doesn’t it make sense to outfit your office in such a way that it actually becomes rather cool to be there?

How about having your office lighting and temperature controlled from your smart phone?  We can make that a reality!

How about making the lighting itself more up-to-date and modernized?  Perhaps your current lighting is bothering your eyes.  Perhaps the color of the lighting is not quite to your liking.  Perhaps the location of your lighting either gets in your way, or doesn’t allow for an even coverage throughout your office.  Whatever the situation, SCV Audio Video can make it even better.

Do you want to upgrade the audio/video in your office?  We know how to set up speakers in such a way that they provide luxurious sound that truly has a “Wow Factor” to it.  Whether you wish to listen to music, a conference call, a podcast, or a recording of some kind, we understand the intricacies of acoustics and speaker placement, and can do it in a way that conceals your cables, making your office appear crisp, not cluttered.

Want a Flat Screen Monitor in your office?  We can make that happen as well, giving you the type and size that will be a perfect fit.  We make sure that the brightness is correct, the sharpness of the image is spot-on, and that there is no problems with glare.

And if you wish to outfit the entire building that houses your business, no job is too large for SCV Audio Video.  Give us a call today at (661) 309-2508 and we’ll show you how we can work our magic!