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Would you like to experience your favorite movies with picture quality and sound that rivals the movie theater, but at home? Invest in your home theater with SCV Audio Video’s expertise and we can make that a reality. Experience crystal clear picture and exhilarating sound with the whole family or on your own(everyone needs an escape some days). Your imagination is the limit when it comes to creating a home theater experience. Each project is a custom tailored solution to match the client’s wants and needs, down to the smallest details.

Unparalleled Picture and Sound Quality

A theater is not just a place for entertainment, it's an escape- a room truly dedicated to providing the best visual and audio experiences. With our state-of-the-art equipment and custom solutions, you can experience the theater in the comfort of your own home. Flat-screen displays are a popular option with many of our residential clients, but ceiling-mounted projectors and screens are also available to deliver a unique new visual experience. Whether your home theater is in a dedicated room or a mixed-use family room, your sound system will be outfitted to match the environment. All of this can be done while preserving the aesthetic of your home, with in-wall or "invisible" speakers for a seamless appearance. We understand investments like a home theater are the difference between spending another day "just at home" and making memories in your home!

Outdoor home theater and pool
Why Choose SCV Audio Video?

SCV Audio Video specializes in designing and installing seamless audiovisual systems, making us the leading provider in Santa Clarita and the surrounding areas. Our solutions are custom-tailored to each client, as no two visions are the same. We aim to design home theater systems that awe and inspire our clients, as well as their guests, for memories that last a lifetime. SCV Audio Video is an authorized retailer of several manufacturers and our team has over 10 years of experience installing. Get in touch with us today to discuss your home theater investment and elevate your home entertainment experience.

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