TV Remotes: A Thing of the Past for Home Theater Systems?

How many times have you seen this scenario: You walk into the home of a friend or relative, and lying on a table across from the flat screen TV are a number of remote control devices. You can’t help but notice them; the remotes are strewn all over the table, or falling out of a wicker basket. You decide to count them. One, two, three, four, five. Five separate remote devices?! (Many people would count even more that than at some homes.)

Do Remote Devices Help or Hinder?

Or this scenario: you’re sitting down with friends to watch a movie, perhaps something on Netflix, and the husband who lives there picks up one of those many remotes and stares at it. He starts pushing random buttons but nothing happens. He puts down that remote and picks up a different one, studies it for a moment, then puts it down and picks up a third remote. More button pushing. No results. Finally, he calls out to his wife, “Honey? Can you come down here, please?”

Worse still, perhaps that person is you.

Far Too Many Remotes

It is a common story, and one that is totally unnecessary. Your home theater installation is not truly complete without having a simplified approach to your remote control devices. Because TV mounting is only one factor when considering home audio installation, and attention must be given to how you will navigate your new home theater system. Preferably in a way that is simple and seamless. A pile of remotes cluttering up your table no longer makes the grade.

Old School No More

Fortunately, SCV Audio Video has a simple solution to the problem of confusing remote devices cluttering up your family room. You can consolidate all of your remote devices to one simple, integrated system. Your smart phone or your tablet can now be your one remote device. You can rid yourself of the clutter of all of your other remote control devices, most of which are cluttered with buttons you never even utilize. Those old clunky remote devices truly can be a thing of the past.

What’s more is the professionals at SCV Audio Video will show you precisely how it works from your smart phone or tablet. They will walk you through it, and they will then watch as you show a command of the navigation of your home theater system. You will master the controls in very short order. Life will be simpler.

Imagine your new reality: you want to watch a movie, a TV program, or listen to music using your home theater system. Instead of fumbling with a random assortment of remote devices, you turn to your smart phone, and with the touch of a button, you navigate seamlessly to the desired function you seek. You and your family and friends are able to enjoy the programming you want, when you want it. And once again, your home theater system becomes a thing of easy rather than the source of confusion and
frustration. Tranquility restored!

Contact SCV Audio Video to see how we can make your home theater system truly come alive – minus the collection of confusing remote devices. We are just a call or click away. Let us make your life easier. Really.