What is an RTI In-Wall Universal Remote Control?

What is an RTI In-Wall Universal Remote Control?

An RTI In-Wall Universal Remote Control is a completely customizable universal remote control that is installed in your wall for easy access. Much like a handheld RTI Universal Remote Control would do the In-Wall Universal Remote Control allows you to seamlessly integrate and control various utilities throughout your location.

What makes the In-Wall Universal Remote so special?

The RTI In-Wall Universal Remote control is very easily programmable and becomes a controller practically any feature you could imagine throughout your entire location. That includes your lights, thermostat, television consoles, HDTVs, security systems, cameras, and even your iPod or iPad. Also, unlike your typical Universal Remote Control, it is much less likely to be misplaced, ensuring that the control of your location is never out of reach.

Why Choose In-Wall?

An In-Wall Remote is a good option if you’re tired of keeping so many remotes lying around and are looking for a fast, easy, seamless way to integrate everything in your household all into one remote. Especially if you’re running a restaurant and need to be able to change channels, lighting, and temperature on the fly based on customer needs. The In-Wall RTI remotes are innovative, easy to use, and completely customizable, running on a Windows Operating System, making customization and modification incredibly easy.  It’s a user-friendly, convenient, worthwhile investment for those who want access to every feature of their house at the push of a button and I recommend it to anyone who cares about experiencing true universal control over their location.