Should you get a 4K projector for your home theater?

Q: Should I get a 4K projector for my home theater?

A: If you are looking for the optimal home theater experience a 4K projector is the best way to achieve that. It is important however to make sure you are prepared for a 4K projector to be installed in your Living Room.

First: Make sure your budget is high enough, if you cut corners and order a cheap projector and a cheap screen, you will be paying for a cheap experience. If you are trying to build a real theater experience in your home, it’s go big, or go home. Projectors can cost between $700 and $2,500. So it’s important to be prepared.

Second: Make sure your room is big enough to accommodate the throw distance of the projector. If your room is not big enough, or if there are external lights that you can’t fully block out, you may find yourself returning your $2,500 projector. Nobody wants to waste their precious time and money. Check the statistics on the projector you are ordering to see how much space there needs to be between it and the screen.

Third: Prepare the seating in your new theater. You wouldn’t be investing in building a movie theater room in your house if you weren’t looking to impress, make sure the seating and the atmosphere of the room are immaculate. It doesn’t matter how great the screen and projector are if your guests are not comfortable.

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