Why invest in a 3DTV?

Should I upgrade to a 3DTV?

When it comes to 3DTVs the market is very divided. On one hand it’s considered very new and very valuable technology. More and more movies, TV shows, and video games are becoming 3D compatible by the day. The market for one is clearly there, but the question of whether or not to upgrade largely boils down to a few simple questions.

Do you like 3D Movies?

If your answer to this is no, then you have your answer for whether or not to get a 3DTV. 3D simply isn’t everyone’s thing, so if you don’t like 3D Movies then chances are you won’t have any use for a 3DTV, unless your entire family loves 3D movies and are begging for it, in which case.

Is a 3DTV worth the money?

The cheapest 3DTV out there currently runs for about $799.00 plus tax. Not to mention many of these TVs require expensive glasses AND a Blu-ray player just to utilize the technology, which could add an extra $150 or more to your $799 price tag, meaning nearly $1000. Every year technology inevitably becomes cheaper and cheaper, but $800+ is not a cheap price to invest in something unless you absolutely love 3D.

Whether or not it’s worthwhile for you to purchase a 3DTV is entirely up to you. However, you may want to consider the fact that…

The price of a 3DTV will go down

As mentioned earlier, technology gets cheaper and cheaper every year. The 3DTV you may want to throw down $1000 on today may be $500 next year, and $300 the year after that. By that point they will likely also have new TVs that make the 3DTV look like the HDTV that was big just a few years ago.

So the question of whether or not to upgrade boils down to simple preference. Do you need the biggest, best technology available right now? or are you the type that likes to wait until things get a little cheaper? Decide that and you should know exactly what to do.