Hiding your tangled wires and components from sight

SCV Audio Video is known for the services we provide

One of the most prominent of those services is making your A/V setup a clean, integrated process. SCV Audio Video is no stranger to the sore sight of tangled wires, which really affects the atmosphere of your business and so we make sure of one thing:

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 When we install your TV, you’ll never have to see a tangled mess of wires.

Cleanliness is extremely important when it comes to a businesses image. At SCV Audio Video we understand that we’re dealing with rooms that your guests will be spending a fair amount of time in, and rooms that will be viewed most frequently by your potential customers, so naturally the first thing on our mind is hiding the wires and components from sight. If you’re a business owner that wants to be proud of your impressive display of cleanliness you don’t want the space your guests will likely be seeing most to have wires coming out of every corner of the TV. You want a seamless, clean, wire-free experience for yourself and your guests, guaranteed to impress.

When you enlist the help of SCV Audio Video, we guarantee perfection

We at SCV Audio Video are professionals, and on top of that, perfectionists. We can guarantee you that not a stray wire or gadget will be seen at the sides of your installation. Instead, we hide all of your stray wires and components, tucked away into places your customers will never see, separate from the audio or video installation entirely. That way you get to experience all of the extra features, without all of the extra baggage.