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How to get your tv mounted right

It's finally time to upgrade to that new flat screen TV you've been eyeing for months. But before you can start enjoying your new purchase, you need to have it mounted on the wall. This process can seem daunting if you've never done it before, but don't worry, SCV Audio Video is here to help.

TV mounting is the process of installing a TV on a wall or ceiling. A mount is a device that attaches the TV to the wall or ceiling, and usually includes a bracket, screws, and electronic connections. The most common way to mount a TV is with an articulating mount, which allows you to move the TV up and down and side-to-side. Other mounts include traditional screw mounts or bolt assemblies. Most TVs come with an included stand, however, that does not mount to the wall.

The first step in getting your TV mounted is to decide where you want it on the wall. This is referred to as the TV mount location. The most common location is above the fireplace. While this is most likely where you will want to mount your TV, it is by no means the only option.

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What Are The Advantages Of Mounting A TV?

There are more advantages of mounting a TV, but the most obvious one is that it makes the TV more visible and easier to access. It also can make the TV easier to view by moving it around, without having to worry about it falling or tipping over. Additionally, mounting a TV allows you to customize the layout of your home entertainment area, making it easier for you to find what you're looking for. It's also an inexpensive way to transform the look of a room because it doesn't break down walls, thus making the room appear larger than it is.

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Types Of TV Mounts

There are four main types of TV mounts that you'll encounter. The first three are wall mounted and those are: Fixed, Tilting, and Full Motion TV mounts. The final type is ceiling mounted. You can read more about the differences between the types of mounts in the section below.

Fixed Wall-mounted TV Mount
Fixed Wall-mounted TV Mount

A fixed wall-mount allows for a really flush look. However, this mount does not tilt and can be very hard to plug in any additional items behind the TV. This mount places the TV closer to the wall than other mount types and is a good choice if you'll be sitting directly in front of the TV, and can position the TV at the ideal height.

Tilting Wall-mounted TV Mount
Tilting Wall-mounted TV Mount

A tilt mount enables users to tilt the television to varying degrees. In many cases, this mount enables users to mount a television beyond its "optimum viewing level" and then tilt the TV for better viewing.

A tilt-mount is a smart choice for placing TVs above open fireplaces, high up on a bedroom wall, or above a window. It can also help you reduce reflections from the window or other open area on the wall.

Articulating mount
Full Motion Wall-mounted TV Mount

A Full Motion wall mount, also known as an articulating mount, allows for the addition of side-to-side swivel adjustment in addition to tilting. This allows the home owner to position the TV so that it is tilted in a specific direction, ideal for rooms with multiple viewing locations. This feature is especially helpful when viewers want to watch different programs or films from different locations in the room. For example, the big game on the couch and a cooking show in the kitchen. With a side-to-side swivel, viewers can easily pivot the TV so that it is facing in their desired direction.

Ceiling Mounted TV
Ceiling Mounted TV

Ceiling mounts are a great solution if you have limited space and want to keep your TV close to where you sit. Ceiling TV mounts are also very common for outdoor TVs mounted under a patio cover.

A few factors that determine whether or not a ceiling mount is the right solution for your TV include: the weight of the TV, how high up on the ceiling the mount is placed, and whether or not there's enough clearance between the mount and the electrical boxes. Most mounts can hold TVs up to 60 pounds, though if you have a particularly large or heavy model, it may be worth looking into a heavier-duty mount.

SCV Audio Video can help determined if a ceiling mount is right for your needs.

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How To Select Your TV Mount

There are many factors you should consider when selecting the right TV mounting system for your home. Some of these factors include: your budget, the size and weight of your TV, where in your home you want to mount the system, and whether or not you have a stud in your wall. Here are some tips on how to choose the best TV mounting system for your needs:

First, take into account your budget. A television mount that is affordable will do the job just fine, but if you have a more expensive set then you may want to invest in a better mount.

Next, consider where in your home you would like to mount the TV. If it is near an entertainment center or other large pieces of furniture then a wall mounted system might be best for you.

Finally, you want to consider the size of the TV you are getting. If you are getting a new 4k or 8k TV you may need to upgrade to a larger mount.

Before you start buying TVs and TV mounts, you need to think about where you want the mount to go. You may have a spot in mind, or you may be willing to experiment. So before you do anything give SCV Audio Video a call and we can help walk through all the options.

When wall mounting a TV SCV Audio Video will put in a cable path in the wall. This allows all of the cables to run through the wall and not be seen. This is the best way to keep your home theater organized and looking great.

Installing a new flat screen TV is a big job. You need the right tools, the right attitude, and you need to know what you’re doing. If you try to do it yourself and don’t have all of those things its not going to end well. In addition, running a new electrical outlet can be dangerous if you are not a licensed electrician.

And that’s where we come in. SCV Audio Video is the best TV mounting company in Santa Clarita Valley. We’ve been mounting TVs for years, and we know how to do it right. We can mount your TV on the wall, on the ceiling, or even in a cabinet. We can also help you set up your new TV so that it works perfectly with your home theater system. If you don't have a home theater system we can install that for you as well.

If you want the best possible installation for your new flat screen TV, call SCV Audio Video.

How To Get Your TV Mounted Right

When it comes to getting your TV mounted, you want it to be done right. That's why we offer a professional TV mounting service. Our team is experienced in mounting TVs on all kinds of surfaces. We'll take care of securing the TV to so that it stays in place and looks great.