Are Curved TVs better than Flat Screen TVs?

Should you get a Curved TV?

Curved TVs have been out for a while now, but what is the appeal, and how does it stand up to a regular HDTV when it comes to your living room? Like all things, there are pros and cons.

  • The added perspective created by the Curved TV creates a more immersive movie theater experience that flat TVs may not.
  • Curved TVs give better peripheral perception, meaning that you can see more of the action at once.
  • They tend to have better contrast in comparison to regular HDTVs
  • They have a nice sleek modern look to them.
  • You may have a bit of difficulty viewing it from an angle, forcing you into a “sweet spot” while watching TV
  • If you are watching with other people, the curve can be a bit difficult for anyone who isn’t centered to watch, and can take away from the experience.
  • Reflection issues, light is slightly more prone to interfering with your watching than a regular TV
  • Not all home theaters will have an easy time accommodating a Curved TV due to its awkward positioning.
  • They are more pricey than their flat predecessors.
  • You will need a specific type of wall mount to mount your Curved TV to the wall

If you are considering purchasing a Curved TV you should ask yourself a few questions:

1. Am I the main person who watches on this TV? If so then you won’t have any issues getting that “sweet spot” while watching

2. Is money an object? If so then you may want to consider getting a larger flat screen for the same price.

3. Can my home theater accommodate the size? Make sure your measurements work out with the differing width and height.

Need help installing your Curved TV?

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