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Home automation is a growing trend among homeowners in Los Angeles, but many homeowners aren’t aware of the perks of transitioning to these systems. Do you have multiple remotes and panels for the technology in your home? Home automation technology allows you to make your home a smart home with a little imagination and SCV Audio Video’s expertise. Transitioning to home automation opens new levels of convenience, comfort, and security. We create a custom tailored system to meet your individual needs and style. Imagine arriving home to a temperature controlled, perfectly lit home in the evening. This is possible if you set up your home automation to trigger select lights and begin cooling or heating when your phone alerts the system you’re a few miles from home. The possibilities are nearly endless and SCV Audio Video has the expertise to help your home automation vision come to life.

Welcome to the Future of Technology In Your Home

Transitioning to a smart home can be done all at once or you may choose a modular approach. A modular approach allows you to begin automating your home with a handful of basic devices and functions, then you add more technology later. Regardless of the speed at which you choose to start the home automation process, you can rid your home of the need for multiple remotes, dials, and switches. Home automation links all the devices and appliances in your home to one dependable interface with many options for customization. Our team specializes in home automation and it is quickly becoming our top service for residential clients. We are an authorized retailer of the top audio and visual equipment brands, whether you are looking for a few extra devices to round out your smart home or you need all the basics. Devices you can automate in your home include entertainment, lighting, security, and climate control. 

Easily Control Your Technology and Smart Appliances

Entertainment Systems

Program your home entertainment system to turn on your speaker system, Apple TV, and TV with just one click!


Auto dim lights when you turn your TV on, walk out of the room, or as the sun sets.


You can set the lights in your home to turn on and off automatically, to make it appear that you are home, and integrate security systems for peace of mind.

Climate Control

A true smart home can anticipate your arrival through your cell phone or car's GPS, ensuring it's the perfect temperature when you arrive home.

Home automation installation
Upgrade to a Smart Home with SCV Audio Video

With SCV Audio Video's home automation services, your dreams can become a reality. Home automation is one of our specialties and we are constantly on the lookout for the best new equipment to introduce into our clients' projects. Our team of professionals has more than 10 years of experience installing audio video systems, including home automation, and designing custom tailored solutions for residential clients around Santa Clarita and the greater Los Angeles area. Are you looking for an upgrade to your home? Let's discuss how to make technology in your home a seamless experience.

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